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"" My name is Lucas Theodore Courthorne
I started this diary twelve years ago..
When i used to be a doctor , until an omenous series of deaths,
too far away from the ordinary nature of things,
led me out of my life .
Since then i live.. on the edge...
and now that i can see how deep is the world...""

""I am not sure anymore
that is only night out there
night and nothing more. ""

Nothing More is inspired from House of the Dead,
its a concept demo made for study some new/old solution about the genre and to learn about unreal4's blueprints.
Far from being a finished product ,
it fulfill his task of showing the concept of my project.

Install instructions

Standalone , just download the rar, extract it and double click on "NothingMore"


NothingMore_demoX32.rar 401 MB

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